Future Updates

As I worked to put out this update to theDrumDictionary, I realized that I was running into some problems, the biggest of which is that there's simply too many beats out there!! Version 1.0 of this app was just focused on the very basics, providing the standard rudiments and enough drum beats in different styles to get a solid foundation. The problems come when deciding what to add next...how do I do justice to a genre like Funk or R&B when there's not necessarily any one basic beat that serves as a starting place for the whole genre? How do I choose from the literally thousands of options when it comes to any of the styles (and what to call them!? "Eighth-Note Rock #77, Eighth-Note Rock #78, etc.)? These are the kinds of questions I started asking myself as I chose the beats to add to the latest version.

Have no fear, theDrumDictionary users, I am not going to stop the updates! I plan on many, many more updates to come, with some new features as well as added beats and rudiments. I just need to put some thought and work into the interface and organization side of these, to be able to present so many different options in a way that makes sense and is still easy to use. If you've got suggestions/comments/requests, feel free to sound off in the comments or shoot an email to support@theDrumDictionary.com . Looking forward to hearing from you and to hearing how theDrumDictionary is helping you in your drum practice. Keep on learning and most importantly, keep on making music!

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