Version 1.1 is out!

The first update to theDrumDictionary is now out on iTunes! Here's a list of what's been added:

     Slow Blues 2 - new variation with a different Ride pattern
     Train Beat added to Country Beats
     One each of Funk and R&B Grooves
     Uptempo Jazz - basically same rhythm, but the much faster speed makes the ride pattern "flatten out" a bit
     Cha-cha added to world beats
     4 traditional Clave patterns added: 3-2 Son and Rumba, 2-3 Son and Rumba (not full drum set beats, but important patterns to know)

     Added a quick splash screen (don't worry, it's not really delaying the startup!) with some info.
     Info screen accessible from the detail view - shows a key/legend to the drum notation as well as contact info for support
     Slight tweaks to the overall look of the app.

     Disabled screen dim/lock while an entry is being viewed. If you've got your iPhone/iPod on a music stand while you're playing, I didn't want you to have to worry about the screen going dim. If this is causing problems and draining the battery too much, let me know at and I'll see about making that an optional setting.
     Fixed a few other minor bugs and audio issues.

That's it for this update! I plan on keeping the updates coming, so be on the lookout. Thanks for the great reviews, and don't forget to tell your drummer friends about theDrumDictionary!

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