Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from theDrumDictionary!! Hope everyone had a wonderful year and an even better 2011. We're really excited here about what a year it's been for theDrumDictionary. After being released just before Christmas over a year ago, the app sold pretty steady for a few months. In February, it was a huge honor to be featured by Apple on the New and Noteworthy section of the US app store! It was an amazing chance to get the app into the hands of so many more drummers, and I was excited to continue working on updates. Unfortunately, it was a LONG time between February and when the. Next update actually came out. On top of trying to rethink and reprogram the interface to allow for many more beats, there was a whole slew of new things to plan for: first, came the announcement of the iPad, and I wanted to make theDrumDictionary universal. Then came the new iPhone 4 and the need to redo all the graphics for high resolution displays. On top of that came the iOS 4 announcement and release and the need to prepare the app for the new operating system. Needless to say, it was a big mistake to try to accommodate for all these different features in one update! Sorry to keep everybody waiting so long, but I'm really pleased with how version 2.0 turned out. Hope everyone loves the new features, and there should be plenty of new updates as we come out of the holidays. I also need to say a big welcome to so many new users in the UK, Canada and Ireland! We were so excited to see theDrumDictionary features on those app stores over Christmas! Thanks for all the great reviews and the feedback as well. Keep on drumming in 2011, and keep on eye out for some new beats and features.

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