New App and New Company Name

I'd like to take this moment to personally thank all the great customers of theDrumDictionary! It has been a tremendous thrill to release my first app ever to such great success. Thanks for your support, for leaving great reviews, and most of all for spreading the word. Just a few short years ago, I could never have imagined I would be at the point of not only releasing an app, but of creating a music app company. There's always the possibility that I'll branch out more in the future, but for now, Gig Bag Apps is who I am, and music apps will be my focus. I hope this name will become the first place you look for great music tools for iOS. As the next step in this process, I've recently submitted a new metronome app called Click. It will be the second full release for Gig Bag Apps, and I hope it can bring something new to the iPhone metronome genre. What I've always notice while browsing the app store for metronomes is: 1) That there are a LOT of options, but most of them are poorly implemented or designed, and 2) They always seem to be a compromise between simplicity with good looks, or powerful features but a screen full of too many buttons. So, one of my main goals with Click was to find a way to include the most commonly used features AND keep a clean, simple interface. I guess time will tell whether or not that goal was achieved in a way that people can understand and find useful, but I'm hopeful!

Now, for those of you wondering if I've abandoned theDrumDictionary, the answer is definitely "no!" I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting out new features and content. This metronome app turned out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated, and there's so much about this app - and about requested features for theDrumDictionary - that's new for me as a developer, and everything is taking longer than I would have hoped. Thank you for your patience, and even if maybe you haven't used theDrumDictionary for awhile, please keep an eye out for updates and check them out when they happen. I've heard the pleas for variable tempo audio examples, and I am working on a solution! Thanks for reading and most of all for helping to make Gig Bag Apps a reality.

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